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As part of Tokita Investments Group founded in 2009, by Cooz Komei Tokita, a Japanese
American investor/serial entrepreneur and Masato Takane, another serial entrepreneur with
successful exits including IPOs; Tokita Takane Capital Holdings Co., Ltd. will be a Private Equity
and Venture Capital investment and holding firm. Focusing on Mergers and Acquisitions of
already profitable small to middle sized nonpublic traded privately-owned corporations and
venture capital injections for large placements into growing business in early seed, Series A. B.
C… to pre-IPO stage companies for a positive return. The M&A Private Equity firm arm will
target companies under and around for the selling price preferably at the discount of the
enterprise value of $10M USD to $30M USD with a potential to either to be operationally
profitable against the acquisition price collectively over the course of the three to five year
harvest period, to be carved out to a new owner, or as book-runners to the stock exchanges as
exit strategies. We will not focus in a single sector but will look at multiple industries from
aviation to real estate development. The qualifying companies mentioned above are
conveniently ignored by larger scale funds away from “middle market corporations” and poses
a great opportunity along with the recent economic due changes due to Covid-19.
Tokita Takane Capital Holdings Co., Ltd.’s business models follow a traditional route of
multiple PE/VC funds as we offer all cash buy-outs, multiple different swap angles, participate
in MBO&EBOs, look for bolt-on acquisitions, club deals, bridge financing, and more. We will
closely monitor activity and look to improve each entity financially and operationally with the
the aid of Ernest and Young Japan’s accounting, Tohmatsu’s auditing, and guidance from strategic
consulting firms. We will also consider the liquidation of assets for profit. Our alternative strategy is
to exercise internal synergy to the fullest so each portfolio company can benefit from the
existence of each other’s assets often acting as an incubator for new ventures within our

About the President

Bilingual Japanese-American from Los Angeles, California, endowed with a Western and Eastern cultural background. Built the first local Bitcoin exchange in Japan in 2013 and other business ventures such as pharmaceutical tech, auto sales, personal finance/asset planning, and real estate. Early adopter of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Author of confidential reports for government and regulatory authorities. Represents the Cryptos Fund, a regulated cryptocurrency index fund following the CCI30 that tracks the top 30 digital assets that make up 90% of the market.

Line: coozkomeitokita
WhatsApp: +81 (0)80-4280-4711
WeChat: cooztokita
Telegram: coozktokita


Cooz Komei Tokita

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