Why Japan?

Economical Giant

Japan is 2nd largest free-market after the United States and 3rd in all. There are 127 millon people in Japan, more 3 times more than the state of California, that are roughly the same size in landmass.

Low English Literacy Rate

Not too many people speak English. It is estimated that less than 1% of the population are fluently. (>12.7 million people) Somewhat creating a region that is isolated to themselves, yet are growingly more and more subject to Western culture.

Low Competion

If there are no major competitors located in Japan, you have a chance to have very low competition. Think about a isolated large market without the need to fight. You are looking at a large oppurtunity.


Tokita Investments Group

We are TIG. Our clients are serviced to what they need and want;
Plus more exceeding expectations.
From new ICO projects to ventures who have just signed a Series A, our team will turboboost your company into Japan and introduce to you new business relationships and development.
To retain quality and service, we only take up to a certain amount of clients at the same time.
As well as selective. We exclusivly work with companies that meet our due dilligence critereia.
A decade has passed since TIG has started and we will continue to strive to live and grow toward the new millennium.

Don't worry, sit back, and let the magic happen.

We will handle everything on our end. From website creation, translating your app, customer service, and markting, to infinity. Once you put yourselves in our hands, all you need to do is relax and answer the email that we send you for you to answer either yes or no. Looking to expand even further? We can help you set you up a cost efficient office, entity, and a bilingual country manager with just enough staff to carry out your operations here once fisable. Whatever tasks you ask us to do, we will accomplish it with flying colors at a very competitive quote. Best of all, we take equity/tokens/coins as a format of payment because we believe in your company.

About the President

Bilingual Japanese-American from Los Angeles, California, endowed with a Western and Eastern cultural background. Built the first local Bitcoin exchange in Japan in 2013 and other business ventures such as pharmaceutical tech, auto sales, personal finance/asset planning, and real estate. Early adopter of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Author of confidential reports for government and regulatory authorities. Represents the Cryptos Fund, a regulated cryptocurrency index fund following the CCI30 that tracks the top 30 digital assets that make up 90% of the market.

Line: coozkomeitokita
WhatsApp: +81 (0)80-4280-4711
WeChat: cooztokita
Telegram: coozktokita


Cooz Komei Tokita

Tokita Investments Inc./K.K
255 Nagahama, Yomitan,
Okinawa, Japan
+81 (0)80-4280-4711
+1 (415) 914-8084
+41 (041) 520-62-69

Next Generation Research and Holdings
+1 (307) 202-9696

Ionic Lattice Partners
+1 (406) 534-0608

Twinscroll Ventures
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Sequential Startups
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Tokita Capital Consulting
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